Nature Animation

It’s been a busy fall at My Wildhood! We have been piloting a new workshop series called Nature Animation: Digital Storytelling. For this series, our curriculum has been built around the art of storytellin with an emphasis on building narratives, character development, and the five essential elements of a story. Students have had the opportunity to collaborate, and use their collective imagination to build characters using clay, and film stop-motion animation videos with iPads donated from a couple of lovely humans in the Victoria community!


We're Back!

Oh, hey there. Seems like it’s been a while since we checked in with you! Summer absolutely flew by, and was filled with community engagement and outreach for My Wildhood. We had so much fun at the Picot Night Markets in Fernwood this year. Next week, our Fall workshops begin! This will be our first ever Nature Animation workshop, which will focus heavily on digital storytelling through photography, video, animation and more. As always, we will be using our community for inspiration to fill our stories with creativity, innovation, as well as the natural and urban elements of the place that we call home -- beautiful Victoria, British Columbia. Happy September, kids!


One Year!

Today marks the one year anniversary of My Wildhood! I can't believe how fast the past 365 days have gone. Over the past year, we have connected with so many creative youth, parents, families, and community partners in the city of Victoria. This island is filled with so many wildly passionate individuals who love being artsy just as much as they love being outside. My Wildhood is so thankful to call this island home; we can't wait to see what's in store for Year #2! 


Wild Things Wrap-Up!

And just like that, our Wild Things: Plant & Animal Photography and Photoshop Design workshop is over! Throughout our ten weeks together, we saw a ton of snow at Clover Point, even more flowers blooming at the Government House, and spent plenty of time in Fernwood working on our Photoshop design skills. For our last class together, we framed edited pictures that each student had taken in weeks previous, painted the frames, and celebrated accomplishments! The community that is built with students over each ten week workshop is pretty incredible! It's been such a pleasure to connect with these students, and build out our My Wildhood community to even more creative kiddos! Can't wait to do it all over again soon. Spring has sprung!



The past couple of weeks in Victoria have been wild! We've had everything from a foot of snow along to ocean, to sunny spring-like temperatures with the birds chirping! Although the weather has been a little bit unpredictable, it has still been blue skies every Tuesday evening for our Wild Things: Plant & Animal Photography and Photoshop Design Workshop. We will be shifting gears into the design lab at the Paint Box School of Art in just one week, so let's build forts and snap pics while we still can!


New Partnerships!


We love 2017 so far! My Wildhood has recently partnered with School District 71 + North Island Distance Education School to offer outdoor photography and hike + water colour workshops. Specifically, we are working with an amazing SD71 homeschool program in Cowichan Valley that spends all of their time outdoors learning and exploring the nature that surrounds them. The youth are adventurous, their minds are bright, and we are so stoked to share our love of art and the great outdoors with them!


Winter Blues Anyone?

Although we are in the midst of winter, days are slowly starting to get longer! Our Wild Things: Plant + Animal Photography and Photoshop Design workshop kicks off in 3 weeks at the Paintbox School of Art in Fernwood and we couldn’t be more stoked! We will be venturing outdoors to capture the wildest things in our community, rain or shine. We only have one more spot left in the workshop starting January 24th so please contact Roxanne at if you’d like to register! In the meantime, here are some amazing pictures of flowers that the students took in the Fernwood Community Garden this Fall. 


We did it!

Hooray! The first My Wildhood Workshop Series is now over, and went off without a hitch. The Outdoor Photography and Photoshop Design workshop lasted 10 weeks, and the kidsexperienced so much learning and growth during that time period. Whether it was gaining the confidence to explore outdoors or getting more familiar with how graphic design works, the kids absolutely killed it. 

On the last day of class, we invited family, friends, and the Fernwood community to come check out their art work through a small art exhibit that we created at the Paint Box School of Art. The art studio was packed with people, both young and old, and each student got the opportunity to showcase their artwork! Thank you to everyone who helped kick off My Wildhood this Fall. Looking forward to starting back up in January with our new workshop called Wild Things: Plant + Animal Photography and Photoshop Design.