Hello & Welcome to My Wildhood! 

We are so happy you made it. 

My Wildhood facilitates project-based workshops for youth ages 8-13 that blend arts-based outdoor exploration with basic graphic design. Our goal at My Wildhood is for youth to gain the confidence to (1) explore independently outdoors and (2) be creative! Our current workshop offerings include:

Outdoor Photography & Photoshop Design

Outdoor Sketch & Illustrator Design

Wild Things: Plant + Animal Photography & Photoshop Design

Nature Animation: Digital Storytelling






Meet the Creator, Roxanne van Gemert

Credentials: Masters Candidate, Environmental Education and Communication [RRU] Bachelor of Arts, Media and the Public Interest [Western University] Certification, Professional Communication [ Western University] General Coursework, Ontario College of Art & Design

Roxanne loves supporting mini humans in their outdoor exploration and creative endeavours. Her current research uses design thinking to investigate visual approaches to learning in urban environments. Roxanne wants to show youth that dream seeds can grow into plants, trees and forests -- just like My Wildhood did for her.

Reach Roxanne at: mywildhood@gmail.com